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  • Sea

    - "Okay so I probs won’t be on the server at all between now and November. I’m going to thru hike the Appalachian Trail and it’s going to take me six months starting on Sunday, so yeah. If you want to follow me, go to www. or to join my email list, ask kit, creeper, jku, sparks, or jo about it and give them ur email. In turn i’m hoping they’ll tell me so I can add you. Happy Trails! Sea (aka blue dolphin aka […]"View

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  • MagicUnicorns

    - "Guys, i wanna change my username from chloepony to anything else o3o can anyone give me a […]"View

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  • Galaxyzz_

    - "Hi I am new […]"View

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  • nathanjhart

    - "Uh… why does the home page say “currently” using minecraft??? IT IS TAUNTING ME!!! […]"View

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  • MissyKit

    - "So.. as the leader of M.K.A.G I make my rounds in the world massively …but I been finding massive tnt creators everywhere like they are popping up EVERYWHERE I,d like to remind people please keep the tnt in tnttown ..and keep our worlds nicer with out creators thanks […]"View

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  • k2kiwi

    - "helo ther evibodi i canot aces minecraft r n but i am try to fix and get on tha minin world soon an say helo again yeah just give me a […]"View

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  • Kiz

    - "well scooter is up and building is ready Spawn is WIP please dont grief or break anything near the spawn a feel free to build ur skin at the statue garden […]"View

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  • dr_bomber

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  • Powerskiper

    - "jo, I just wanna ask why does the server keep timing out on me? plz […]"View

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  • Wolf Wisperer

    - "Attention! There is a new Rp area Me, @kitkat1446 and @elpoohbear made It’s a Werewolf con, And if your wondering, Yes it is Kid friendly!, if you wanna Check it out than do /warp Werewolf_con Hope you Enjoy your stay there! […]"View

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  • koalacrafter27

    - "I think we should have a market on the server. If we have a market players can trade or sell their things. For example, I could take orders, and then make custom banners. Players can build their shops to their liking. There will be a path made out of barriers over glowstone; also there will be signs point in the direction of the stores. I think it would be good to have a market because we don’t have a market that people still go to. Also if we make a market, we can build houses, like the ones in villages, around the market for RPs. I think it would be good to build a market so that way we have something fun to do! In the market we can have benches for people to “chat” on. Diamond and Beat said that they would like a market. There can be a market on Survival or Creative, which world would you like? It can be one place for a lot of different […]"View

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  • Noizuma

    - "@goodgoogamooga I miss you so much omg. Remember me? We made the FNaF map when I was still a noob and RPWorld was a thing. :D Just thought I’d say hello. Wish you’d visit again. […]"View

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  • President Fiona

    - "Gryff and I are fighting on discord […]"View

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  • Tamara

    - "*sigh* When you post a sketch you did for a friend and two seconds after you do, you get several hate comments. Read the description and keep the hate to yourself, people… Why must you do this? […]"View

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  • CometRider319

    - "I’m stuck trying to choose what to do with my server, I could pay $30 and get premium with paying once a month with parts of it like massively@jokaydia, or just put up with having barely anything on my […]"View

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