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  • m1incraftman

    - "New book coming out very soon […]"View

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  • noson2013

    - "ok, thanks @jokaydia. i can’t seem to reply to your comment either, so i’m posting a reply […]"View

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  • craftflyer01

    - "that was for massively photo […]"View

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  • Annixo

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  • mrawesome3250

    - "if any of you guys are interested in okali east in general just reply to this post and ill try to respond […]"View

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  • spinodragon

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  • given2ubypixels

    - "Whats shakin’ Jokaydia? My names Austin and I am in middle school. Anyway, I like Minecraft because of the almost UNLIMITED possibilities you can use the blocks for. I am a exceptional redstone engineer and will help others on here with MASSIVELY awesome projects, construction-wise. Anyway I also like to help other players and build awesome stuff. Rock on! (electric guitar […]"View

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  • tripod

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  • Wolf Wisperer

    - "Attention! There is a new Rp area Me, @kitkat1446 and @elpoohbear made It’s a Werewolf con, And if your wondering, Yes it is Kid friendly!, if you wanna Check it out than do /warp Werewolf_con Hope you Enjoy your stay there! […]"View

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  • pizzasmart

    - "The first Minecraft […]"View

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  • [Jr Mod] Buzda

    - "Hope you guys have a great day, night, evening, and other points of the […]"View

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  • Tord

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  • 1crimsonfalcon

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  • dstrawberrygirl

    - "Head to warp desertislandmine for some fun new additions – a rollercoaster that goes underwater, a giant chessboard, and a hedge […]"View

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  • SMAP Management (scooter Management and Police

    - "well scooter is up and building is ready Spawn is WIP please dont grief or break anything near the spawn a feel free to build ur skin at the statue garden […]"View

    active 3 weeks, 6 days ago
  • Powerskiper

    - "jo, I just wanna ask why does the server keep timing out on me? plz […]"View

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  • Galaxyzz_

    - "Hi I am new […]"View

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  • nathanjhart

    - "Uh… why does the home page say “currently” using minecraft??? IT IS TAUNTING ME!!! […]"View

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  • UnderDaTale

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  • k2kiwi

    - "helo ther evibodi i canot aces minecraft r n but i am try to fix and get on tha minin world soon an say helo again yeah just give me a […]"View

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