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The Massively @ jokaydia Awards System allows our players to Level Up within our community. It is designed to reward miner’s for epic mining, amazing architecture, cool collaboration and awesum adventuring!

You can earn an Award by completing one of the missions listed on the Awards List and get one step closer to levelling up!


How Does It Work?

The  Award System allows all players to earn awards for their achievements inworld and on our Guild website. It’s really easy to get started, simple follow these steps:

  • Check out the Awards List and choose a mission that sounds fun and interesting
  • Read the tasks you need to complete the mission – it could be publishing a photo, making a building inworld or writing a story about your adventures
  • Get to work and complete the tasks. Follow the instructions carefully and ask the Jokaydia Moderators for advice if you need help!


Report your success

There are two ways to Apply for an award:

  • Option 1: Report that you’ve completed your mission in the Apply for an Award Forum.
  • Option 2: Contact a Mod and report that you have completed the missions. To do so, simple contact a Jokaydia Mod via inworld chat – they are Jokaydia, Azzura, Reyane, Ajnin123, or a Massively @ jokaydia Mod – they are Funmushroom7, Netballstar, Ninabanina, Mobee01, Baloshua.

Earning awards allows you to level up in the rankings. Higher ranks allow you to access additional worlds and extra powers!


Massively @ jokaydia Ranks

Everyone in our Guild is assigned a rank of Spore when they start playing in our mines! You can use the Awards to level-up your rank and gain more powers in our game! Each rank gains more powers and privileged (and responsibilities too).

The following ranks have been added to our Awards System:

  • Spores: No Awards required – simply apply to join and be accepted
  • Venturers: Collect 10 Awards
  • Nomads: Collect 20 Awards
  • Navigators: Collect 25 Awards
  • Junior Moderator:  Collect 50 Awards and achieve Uber-Miner status by completing the Junior Moderator training!
  • Companions: Parents and teachers who help in the mines are ranked as Companions

You can find out more about our ranks here!


Need Help?

Contact a Jokaydia Mod – they are: jokaydia, Azzura, Reyane or Ajnin123 for more information or assistance! You can also email us at


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