world idea

i have an idea for a world where you start with 10 apples you do not lose hunger if you die you lose an apple and you start out again and if you lose all you start again but a different set of things and this world can have some traps all ovver it so don’t step...

award suggestion

jo i have some awards i might think would be cool 1:dragon makers reward [1]make a epic dragon [2] take a screenshot and show it to a jokaydia md and tell them the name 2:path makers reward [1] make a path that goes through the world and shows the sites 3:ma players...


Jo there was anoter Greif! Powerskiper (I think) got Greifed there was lava and water all over his building but we have no idea who did it! plz help!


this has a warp witch is nathanjhartchess this is not actually real chess just a few changes i have a atachment witch is it in action
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