make THIS guild into a major wiki

we could add one major page each week and you get to reply and like a real wiki you can add photos and add them to the slideshow and add photos in your sentence and PAGES and PAGES of comments and also can we update the journals and disscussions?
Special ScreenShots!

Special ScreenShots!

This is the 1st ever Special ScreenShots! Special ScreenShots! are basicly where you get an AWESOME ScreenShot taken of u and then get it posted on the site.I’m going 2 do 1 a week.(so u can get it in a diffrent set each week)So, with the the 1st Special...

Help wanted for Youtube video!

I write Minecraft comics called A Creeper Family and I want to act them out and put them on Youtube if anyone wants to help we can do it with /dis and I’ll edit out TNT placeing so tell me if your interesed in helping out or just want to be on Youtube.Thanks for...

Griefing at the desertvillage

Palmercoo has griefed my desert village by destroying homes and he placed a sign out side my home saying “I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE” He has placed sand all over the place and broke fences ladders walls and rooves The warp to the place is...

help on building

to do a good build follow these basic steps. 1: how? 2: where? 3: why? 4: what 5: when? so do these simple steps and you should be able to build a good defense in survival!
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