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The Orb: Steve’s Journey

The Orb: Steve’s Journey

Welcome! Thank you for coming to read part two! I hope you read the first part, otherwise this would be quite confusing, now, wouldn’t it? I would like to say, first of all, that I had a couple of helpers for this part, GovanGirl101, and Bbuilders3. Thank you...

mining adventure part 8: who will win

JOKAYDIA ESCAPES Ben: im joining jo ZIZZLE: YOU ASKED FOR IT TALKING CONTEST! (blah blah blah…) (jokaydia stabs zizzle while hes not looking) ben: what about neenan neenan; 😛 neenan places down herobrine totem on 2 gold blocks and 1 nether rack and lights it...

The Boy Who Fell

This may not be one of the be one of the best stories you have heard but I’m posting this story for award number .18, also this is based on a true story, this acutally happend to a friend of mine The Boy Who Fell-by libfo26 The Fall There once was a boy who...
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