Omg it took so long, but I got it! Finally! Well, idk when the next part will be finished… I need ideas. But I shall not declare this story over! Not yet! *ahem* Anyways, here you go! 

Panic ensued as the Queen was declared missing, Jayla showing her less bold side as Jinx desperately tried to calm her down, “What if it’s the Father? It’s gotta be the Father! Noone else would do this! What if he kills her?!” Jinx struggled to keep her voice level as she overrode the princess, preventing the oncoming rant, “He wouldn’t! He may be stupid enough to kidnap her from her own palace, but killing her would bring the entire Fae kingdom down on his head! She’ll be fine! We’ll get her back!” I stood off to the side, watching fairies race past in the halls, “At worst, he might ransom her back. I think…” Jinx gave me a look that clearly said, As a warning, don’t suggest anything else to Jay. For your own sake, be quiet! I blinked, then nodded. Three sets of light, hurried footsteps indicated the return of Ixela, Hex, and Kinzonhah. “Is it true?” asked Kinzonhah, and Jinx nodded, “Afraid so.” Ixela blinked, gears turning behind her silver eyes, “So? What’s the plan?” Jayla whipped around to face her, “Plan?! My mother, the queen, has been kidnapped! The plan is to get her back!” Ixela glanced off to the side, then back at the princess, “Well, obviously. But do we even know where she is?” Hex opened her book and began flipped through the pages, and Ixela raised an eyebrow, “What are you looking for?” She stood up next to the mage, who muttered, “Avaya kirei.” Ixela’s expression changed from curious to confused, “A scrying spell? But we don’t have a crystal ball.” Hex stopped, reading through the page she had picked, “So we improvise.” The mage turned heel and walked down one of the hallways, wordlessly calling for us to follow. We did so, and caught up to her as she turned a corner into a doorway. It was a simple room; small, but then again, the walls were covered top to bottom with bookshelves . A large window directly across from us let light in, and in the middle of the room was a pool of crystal-clear water. Hex approached it, glancing down at her book, then she raised her hand over the liquid, palm down, “Raias morkul fa nidra Si porre.” The water rippled, then shone, the glow lasting several seconds before fading into color. A blur of pink, turquoise, and green came into view, along with a blue spot, both of which stood out against their background. After a moment, the picture focused to show the Queen and someone else sitting on the ground, and Hex spoke, “There.” Jayla pushed past us, “There’s no definitive landmarks… But I might be able to find it if you have the right spell.” She glanced at Hex, who started flipping through the pages of her tome again. She nodded, looking up, “Fii kul traa fa nigh Sid merro.” Jayla blinked, silent. Jinx raised an eyebrow, “Did it work?” “Mya.” Hex cleared her throat, “Yes.” Jayla fluttered past us and out the door, “I know here it is.” She left, leaving us, and she leaned back into the doorway, “Come on, let’s go!”

I sneezed again, batting away the vines, and kept walking in what seemed like a random direction. There was no path, but the fairy princess kept assuring us it was the right way. “You’re sure this is what you saw?” Jinx asked, and Jayla nodded, “Yes! Be quiet, I see something up ahead.” We settled down in the bushes; in the end, it was me, Jinx, Jayla, Hex, and Kinzonhah, and everything was quiet. Ahead was a small clearing with three people; one was the Queen, who was sitting with her hands bound behind her back. The second was a girl probably closer to Jinx’s age then mine, her silver pigtails bouncing slightly as she turned to watch the only person who wasn’t bound. The third person paced threateningly, circling the prisoners. She had tan skin, fiery eyes, and long orange hair pulled back into an odd-styled ponytail. The others thought among themselves, then Jinx perked up, carefully catching the mystery girl’s eye without alerting the guard. She made a few hand gestures and the girl nodded, turning back to her captor. “Hey. Hey, light show!” The guard whipped around to face her, “What did you just call me? I could roast you in seconds, so watch your mouth.” The rolled her eyes, “Oh, please, you wouldn’t even if you were allowed to.” They kept barking at each other as we split up and circled around the clearing. I heard mention of the word ‘spy’, and grew interested as to who the two girls were. Jinx led my group to the left, Hex in between us, flipping through her book. When she found the page she wanted, we stopped to let her cast. Blue magic glowed to life before her, then shot towards the guard, forming into an ice shard that grew, quickly encasing its target. The victory was short-lived, though, as only moments later did the ice start to melt. “Pyhros…” hissed Jinx, then something odd happened; the unknown captive rolled, placing her back against the ice, which strengthened and reformed, causing the guard to growl angrily. “Quick, get over here!” said the captive, and we pushed through the bushes to get to her. She turned, showing her bound wrists, and Jinx reached out to undo them, only for the guard’s hand to break through the glass and let out a blast of fire. Jinx dived away to avoid being scorched, pulling the girl with her. Jayla and Kinzonhah pulled the Queen to safety as Jinx cut through the bindings of the mystery girl, who promptly stood. The guard had melted most of the ice, but each time she reached for someone, Hex hit her hand away sharply with her staff. Right before all of the ice melted away, the freed captive spun her hands in an intricate pattern, then let out a blast of ice, freezing the guard once more, who screaming in outrage. “Eivean!” screeched Jayla, who was busy with her own mother’s bindings, “Portal!” Jinx nodded and pulled out a marble from her pocket, shouting the spell as she threw it at the ground. The portal formed, and one by one we ran through, Hex was last, behind me, as we left the clearing, and with it the angry guard.

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