The girl was sitting on one of the couches in the headquarters, she was eating a bowl of clam chowder (carefully chosen by Mon who is somewhat of an enthusiast in clam chowder). Meanwhile Mon and his gang were thinking over what to do with her. “I suppose” said Mon, “our only option is to make her a part of R0Gu3, we can’t let her go she knows too much.” After a while they went over to the girl. “Aren’t you gonna tell me who you guys are?” Mon glanced at the other two, “I’m Mon, this is Ben” (gesturing toward Cr4bbl3) “and this is Cole, we have many more members around the country so we won’t get into that now…Ben?” Ben stepped toward the girl. “Our only option” said Ben, “is to make you a part of R0Gu3, we have no other option other than expose who we are”. The girl looked confused. “Who are you then?”. There was a moment of hesitation silence, then Mon broke the silence. “Vigilantes” he said.

Cole was prepping the girl’s (now identified as Carolyn) equipment and ID while Mon and Ben were at the meeting table planning what would happen next. “The police are mad that their victim is gone” said Ben, “and they’re still scanning the city for us.” Mon looked tired and was thinking. “I don’t know what to do now” said Mon, “I think we should send out a video.” Ben looked confused. “Now? After kidnapping a kidnapping vi- we kidnapped a kidnapping victim!”

R0Gu3 videos star a man wearing a bandanna around his mouth and nose with shutter shades to hide his eyes, his voice is also slightly altered.

Welcome to the next generation of R0Gu3, we have a new member who is incidentally a kidnapping victim. To the police, you can’t change us and you never will change us, we are who we are, and we will change the world. R0Gu3 has given you our opinion” –R0Gu3 

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