I’ve started my new Lab. It has potions, Machines and more. I’m testing a resummoning potion on dead mice. It was a success! I decided to test it on a human but ended up with a monster. I had to get something. No more Superior items. No way am I surviving. I quickly grabbed a diamond axe and kept beating him. He wasn’t effected at all, I just remembered I needed Ghast blood. DD had Ghast blood. I needed his blood AND him. He knew how to properly hold a Revolver and fire it. I hurried to the Flight room, hurried onto my Articuno and flew to Hell Manor where DD lived. I asked him to come and have a blood sample to make the blood Katana and destroy my creation when I remembered I didn’t know how to craft a Katana but Jo did. We rushed on Articuno and Salamence to the Tree in the Massively @ Jokaydia spawn. We asked “Can you help us by bringing your Katana?” Jo replied “Of course! Where to!?” “The Lab” I shouted. We hurried on Articuno, Salamence and Pidgeot to the Lab and destroyed all the Zombies with Minor injuries.

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