Ok guys, these r some folk tales that r VERY spooky.


   So, there was a tall and powerful black man named Juan Domingo 

Everybody in town feared him, then one day, (I will not say his name in case it offends anyone, but it starts with a S and ends with a N). 

S___N arrived at Juan Domingos house ‘Pay the debt.’

S___N held out his hand for money. Juan exclaimed ‘PAY YOU?!!? I’m the most powerful man in Charleston!’ 

‘Then you’ll pay the full bet.’ replayed S___N

So, when Juan went to the farmers market for his fish the next morning, there were two thieves about the far,ears market looking for fish. Being the horrible man Juan was he caught the two thieves by the neck and in his giant booming voice he yelled ‘YOU SEE, CITY OF CHARLESTON I HAVE CAUGHT THESE TWO THIEVES!!!’

But just then, a giant ghostly hand came out of the roof and grabbed Juan by the neck. Which made him drop the two thieves and the thieves were knocked out. When the ghostly hand had finally dropped Juan he was already dying so the citizens layed him out on one of the fishermens table then the pigeons who were pecking at the thieves came over to Juan, they started pecking HIS skin. When the police got there, there  was only a skull left. For the pigeons at all the flesh. And the fishermans table they used was named George. The next few months George went out fishing. It is said that a whirlpool tool George and his boat. Then Charleston decided the market was cursed and they tore it down and to this very day, it’s s parking lot.


I had lots of other ones but I’m tired, g’nightz!














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