Entry 3

It turns out my Lab was found by the FBI special forces while my best friends were there. I was just having a wonderful time when suddenly my invisibility cloak ran out of all its 382 battery’s power and an FBI special forces tactical Chopper flew out of practically nowhere and ME of all people got sent to the ASYLUM OF DRAGON BLOOD only one of the cruelest places for anyone to go to even if you’re a visitor (not that I’m saying that many people visit, of course) and everyone else got sent to the WaterBride prison which is so nice to the prisoners e.g they give people that get sent there a HD smart TV with blu-ray and over 300 blu-ray discs until suddenly I get sent out because of the weirdest mistakes ever and somehow they put me in the wrong truck and for the past week I was drowned in 1,000 donuts. 


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