Author Note:

Two months ago I stated that I would not write another Neenan story. That statement still holds true, for the most part. I am continuing the story, but in terms of a Prequel. In my story Diamond Caretta is a story about the founder of Diamond Enterprises and how Caretta rose to power.

Chapter 1 – Diamond Builders Incorperated

2014, Neenan Jones INC. had opened their building division, Neenan Building Group a month earlier and hired a young upstart, Diamond Caretta.

Diamond Caretta: How’s it going?

Neenan: I’m doing good this morning.

Caretta: Good because I’m about to drop a bomb on you, I’m quitting the NBG.

Neenan: What?! You can’t leave you’re our top guy!

Caretta: Me, Starr and Steve are quitting and starting Diamond Builders.

Neenan: I’ll buy the whole company now!

Caretta: no. I want this to be my thing.

Neenan: I’ll give you three billion.

Caretta: No. Nothing, it’s my company.

Neenan: Leave. Now.

*Diamond Caretta leaves the room.*

Three months later, Diamond Builders stocks are growing exponentially and NBG is falling apart faster than NJ INC. can even realize what is happening.

Caretta: How are you doing Neenan?

Neenan: How could you! You left my company, started your own, then you completely overtook us! NBG is falling apart and you know it!

Caretta: Yeah well maybe it’s for the best. You still have a chance. It’s not like you only do building.

Neenan: The whole company has fallen apart! The tech division is stagnating, we have no new ideas, you already know about the builders and the mining division is slowing fading away as we move to clean energy and the tech industry dies down.

Caretta: You know what? I’ll sell you the company, for a price.

Neenan: I’ll pay any price! Any.

Caretta: 6 billion dollars.

Neenan: That’s way to much!

Caretta: Any price.

Neenan: Fine. I’ll buy it for 6 billion.

Caretta: Deal.

Later that day their deal is published all over in the news.

Zizzle: He’s such a sellout.

Gamedoud: I know right! And seriously 6 BILLION dollars?!

Endaw: That’s insane!

In the Neenan Jones Incorporated board room, RyanGr and Neenan are discussing the purchase before Caretta enters.

Ryan: How could you! 6 BILLION! We don’t even have that much by a long shot! We won’t make that much in the next five years! We’ll never get them payed!

Neenan: It’s fine, I’ll pay them back with their own money.

Caretta (Entering the room): Hey man!

*Diamond High-Fives Neenan*

Ryan: I’m going to go now. Good luck on the deal.

Ryan leaves the room.

Neenan: So we’re here to discuss the deal.

Caretta: Yup, I’ll take the 6 billion. In return you have control over Diamond Builders, Incorporated.

Neenan: Sounds good, can I pay you over time?

Caretta: Sure, go for it.

Neenan and Diamond shake hands and leave the room.


To be continued…


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