Chapter 2 – Parent Companies

Soon after Neenan Jones Incorporated purchased Diamond Builders they started to gain some money back. After about four months they were able to pay back Diamond Caretta and started to profit again. Not two hours after Neenan made the final payment NJ Inc’s parent company, A-Frame Enterprises gave Neenan a call.

Neenan: Hey Andrew, what’s up?

Andrew: I just saw that you payed a settlement of six BILLION dollars to a man called Diamond Caretta? Doesn’t he work for you?

Neenan: Oh, I purchased his company.

Andrew: You do know that Incorporated companies can’t purchase a company and make them incorporated into their incorporated company.

Neenan: What?

Andrew: If you are owned by a company you can’t purchase another company.

Neenan: That makes more sense, so what do I do now?

Andrew: You can reason with Diamond to place his company under my name.

Neenan: OK. I’ll talk with him. See you later.

Andrew: Good luck.

Soon afterwards Neenan goes to Caretta’s office in the NJ INC. building.

Caretta: What’s up?

Neenan: I need you to move.

Caretta: What do you mean?

Neenan: Andrew just gave me a call.

Caretta (Serious): What happened.

Neenan: He wants me to move Diamond Builders to A-Frame instead of Neenan Jones INC.

Caretta: Leave the company.

Neenan: What are you talking about?

Caretta: Leave A-Frame Enterprises.

Neenan: That’s insane!

Caretta: You saw what happened with me.

Neenan: You’re right. I’ll call up Andrew now.

Neenan grabs his phone, it’s the iPhone 5c, the latest phone on the market.

Andrew: Did you get him to leave.

Neenan: No but you got me to.

Andrew: What are you talking about?

Neenan: I’m leaving A-Frame.

Andrew: We still own Neenan Jones INC. I wont sell it for any price.

Neenan: You don’t have to sell it. I own it so I can do whatever I want with it.

Andrew: No you don’t own it. I own it. I have full control over Neenan Jones INC.

Neenan: OK, how about this? I leave A-Frame and start my own company and you sit around with my withering company.

Andrew: We still own Diamond Builders though.

Neenan: No you don’t, as my last action as CEO of Neenan Jones INC. I sell Diamond Builders to me personally for a total of three cents.

Andrew: No! How could you.

Neenan hangs up the phone and starts packing up his stuff.

Caretta: What are you doing?

Neenan: Leaving.

Caretta: But you still own the building.

Neenan: No I don’t, Neenan Jones INC. does.

Caretta: But by extent you to.

Neenan: I quit the company and took you with.

Caretta: Thanks man. Real big help.

Neenan: I’ll see you later.

Caretta: No problem, see ya.

Soon Neenan and Diamond leave the room and they start saying their goodbyes to the rest of the people in the building.

Steve: How could you leave like that?

Caretta: This was the best that I could do.

Starr: Well okay, we’re coming with you know.

Caretta: I know that very well.

Diamond Caretta, Steve, and Starr all leave the NJ INC. building and continue their adventure.

To Be Continued…

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