Chapter 3 – The Enterprise Begins

Three months after Diamond Builders becomes their own company and refresh their logo a Technology company enters the game, Axpera Computing.

Caretta: What are you doing Neenan?

Neenan: Offering you my new startup, Axpera Computing.

Caretta: But why would you start a new company?

Neenan: You have building down but the area of computers is almost completely untapped. We have next to nothing happening right now. The industry is stagnating.

Caretta: But why would I want to buy your company before it starts?

Neenan: You saw how much I lost when you wouldn’t sell me your company. I’m giving you a chance to catch up now, besides you’re going to run out of clients eventually. In terms of Technology you’ll never run out of new clients.

Caretta: You have a point, I don’t truly care that much though. Just because you think you have a new idea it doesn’t mean that it’s going to last forever.

Neenan: Good luck with builders.

Caretta: Have a nice day, see you in the office tomorrow.

Neenan: okay, see you then.

After Neenan and Diamond leave for the day Neenan begins to design products. Just one month after his side project/personal startup begins to pickup quite a bit, Neenan is making millions off of different computer parts.

Caretta: So I know I turned you down a month ago but I’ll still purchase your company, we’ve been thinking about getting a tech divsion anyway.

Neenan: What’s your offer?

Caretta: I’ll pay three billion.

Neenan: Why not?

Soon after they make the deal Axpera Computing INC. starts gaining profits faster and faster. The tech industry is at an all time high and isn’t slowing down any time soon.

*In the Axpera Computing boardroom:

Zizzle: We’ve been gaining sales but we don’t have many new products to sell. What do we do?

Gamedoud: I don’t know, what about phones?

Neenan: That’s perfect! What an amazing idea.

GryffGirl: Well then by all means get the design team on that!

While Neenan and the rest of Axpera Computing continue to discuss cellular telephones Diamond Caretta realizes that now that he’s an Enterprise he can’t just do building forever.

Caretta: Now that we’re an Enterprise I think we should turn the building division into it’s own company.

Starr: We’ve been trying to do that for a while now.

Caretta: I hereby declare Diamond Builders a subset of Diamond Enterprises.

Steve: Great. Now let’s tell the folks at Axpera Computing.

Afterwards the two leaders Neenan and Caretta meet up in a coffee shop outside the old Neenan Jones INC. building.

Neenan: How’s it going?

Caretta: I’m good.

Neenan: So I heard you wanted to talk about splitting Diamond Builders and Diamond Enterprises into two different things right?

Caretta: Yeah. You got any news?

Neenan: We’re Axpera INC. now instead of Axpera Computing INC.

Caretta: Cool.

As the two small talk the age of technology continues on without them.

To Be Continued…

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