Hello Miners, MKAG (Massively Kids Against Griefing) Here.

  We, chloepony (Me,) Tokyo_Ghoul_Rize, kokotiger, wompking,  Moonpanda12, SeashellsRock, Powerskiper, Jokaydia, getMonGaming, silkbeast, PrincessFionaFi and finally Jazzmancro222.

So we all work for MKAG and would like to put out a report, we think that we have been finding WAY WAY WAY too many banned items such as TNT out of TNTown, Dragon eggs everywhere, And water griefs as well. And OP Swords, Potions, and Bows, Copy Me chests, Killer potions, Command blocks,  OP Books and TNT, Structure Blocks, (NBT+) Items, OP Speed, Even OP Wool! Such as March 25th we found a levitation potion I’m not going to name names though. We hope this reminder is helpful for R0Gu3 is also going to write a reminder as is Monsanto and Norwich. If you realize you have banned items please go to /warp MKAG and put ur items in the Banned Items chest, it will have a arrow pointing,

Thanks for reading!
                 MKAG Officer Chloepony

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