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Chapter 20


It felt like I was out for an eternity, my spell still taking energy from me. I wove in and out of consciousness, unable to discern reality from unreality. When I was somewhat conscious, I could feel the grass beneath my back and hear the murmur of voices around me. And then I would relapse, being dragged into the dark comfort of unconsciousness once more. It felt good to be oblivious to everything and for the first time ever, I was alone in my head. No invading thoughts of others permeated my mind and for the first time I got a sense of what a normal head felt like. It was strange to be deaf in such a way, but a good strange. However, I wouldn’t be able, having experienced mind reading, to live in complete silence forever.

Slowly, ever so slowly, I came back to myself for longer and longer bits of time. I became aware that it was night, and I was bone tired, and only four people were nearby. Andronik, Sólene, Katherine, and Melaniya were talking some distance from me. Rolling over, I propped myself onto one elbow, grimacing as the world swam and I saw two sets of stars, and began to struggle to my feet. Upon seeing me moving, the four of them turned and started for me. My first few steps were agonizing, but I made my way unsteadily over, promptly collapsing into Andronik’s arms. He all but lifted me up being the great older brother he was and carried me over to a chair, in which I was unceremoniously dumped. A cup of hot cocoa was placed into my hand by Katherine, who looked at me with concern. “Are you okay?”

“I can’t honestly answer that question,” I mumbled, forcing my jaw to move despite my tiredness. “What happened?”

Well, that was pure chaos magic that you let out, alright,” Katherine said. “I didn’t realize just how strong it was. Your blast effectively dumped all weapons, neutralized all magicc, and knocked us all over. I have no clue how far it went, but there are reports coming in that it went all the way to London and the Galapagos.”

I let that sink in for a minute, then said faintly, “No wonder I’m tired.”

Melaniya let out a snort. “You think? The only thing I’m concerned about is that the neutralizing of all magic included my amulet.”

“Oh no!” I exclaimed, feeling horrible. “Did it?”

Sólene stepped forward and held out a hand. “May I see it? You don’t have to take it off. Just make the chain longer so I can see it.”

Hesitantly, Melaniya loosened the chain and gave the amulet to Sólene’s outstretched hand. The host of Selene took it gingerly and closed her luminescent eyes, sending a mental probe in to test the magic. Finally, she said, “It was affected, I can see, but it isn’t completely gone. There is still some life to it, but not much. I would try to fix it now, but I don’t want to lose the magic completely, and the moon magic might trigger a reaction from your end. Perhaps we should have your dad fix it.”

Melaniya nodded jerkily and took the amulet back. “Thank you.”

Sólene made a noncommittal noise of acknowledgement.

“So, after my blast,” I asked after a pause went by, “what happened? Where are Carthahj, Olga, and Dmitri? There was also a young girl named Kisha, who hosts Terraia.”

“Lithal reported Kisha and another girl heading north to Canada,” Andronik assured. “I think the girl accompanying her was named Aeran. They are very close, so she’s in good hands.”

“As for Carthahj, however,” Katherine began, “he, Ardrinae, Grata, Ithal, and about fifty others vanished, so it seems, from the face of the earth. We have no idea where they are, but we are looking.”

“You saved Dmitri’s life,” Sólene broke in. “Anima’s magic, like Olga said, is extremely corrosive. The fact that he was channeling so much at one time was incredibly dangerous. You saw the strain on his body. Your chaos blast saved him.”

“A negative times a negative is a positive,” Melaniya murmured softly.

“Exactly,” Sólene agreed. “At the moment, Neriah is with him, as well as Olga. He is still in critical condition, because of the strain of magic, but he’s alive. He and Olga are back at base.”

I arched my eyebrows at Katherine. “So you let her rejoin?”

Katherine nodded. “She was misguided. I had all of our mind readers in the room as she told her version of the story. It was genuine, so she’s staying, but she is under watch. She seemed relieved that I let her stay with her son and she didn’t seem to mind the fact that she was being under guard. I hope Dmitri doesn’t explode when he wakes up and sees her.”

“Eískel,” Andronik interrupted. I could sense he was anxious to tell me something. “Katherine and I looked into your chaos magic while you were out. We learned that chaos magic is not just an innate talent on that scale. It’s being enhanced.”

“But how-” I began, but then the realization hit me and my eyes widened. “Oh. Oh.

Katherine nodded. “Why don’t you try?”

I closed my eyes and reached in me past my bond with Dreamstalker to an unknown plane. Hello? I asked timidly.

About time, a deep, masculine voice, even deeper than Dreamstalker’s, rumbled with a hint of amusement. Hello, Eískel. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. My name is Chaos.


The End… But not really

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