Hello all! I can’t believe I’m churning out ANOTHER book. I’m so happy! For those of you who created characters for Dreamstalker, you all are keeping those characters. This is a continuation of the story. I hope you enjoy this! Posts might be few and far between in the next few months because I’ll have some spotty internet access, but I’ll try! Happy reading!


Pronunciation guide:

Malium: Muh-LIE-um

Fervian: FAIR-vee-un


Prologue: Two months prior


The endless black expanse of the Void stretched in all directions, a monotonous swath of black as dark as the midnight occasionally permeated with flashes of Realms clashing, but because of the darkness one seeing the flashes might think it’s a trick of the eyes.To those with the unsensitive eye, namely those with no demon to call their own, would see nothing but black, endless vacuum with no distraction. But those with demon enhanced senses would see that the entire swath before them was full of demons, hundreds upon thousands of them whirling around in waves of color and power, all waiting for the call to come from the Realms that there was a child ready to be bonded. Among the throng hovered two demons of immense power, one of silver aura and the other gold. They gazed out over the other demons, watching as two time, one void, and three fire vanished to answer the call, then the golden one spoke, breaking the thousand year silence between the two.

“Brother, we must talk.”

The silver one started in surprise. “About what? Is it that pressing?”

“Yes, it is.” The golden demon looked the silver in the eye, fixing him with a penetrating gaze. “You know the laws as well as I. No two demons can be in the same host.”

“I know that, Malium,” the silver one said patiently, but any mind reader could tell he was mildly annoyed. “Aren’t there two hosts? There always have been.”

“You’re the mind reader, Fervian, you tell me,” Malium said icily.

“Peace,” Fervian said calmly with a smile. “Honestly, brother, your temper and emotions get to your head. You would think during thousands of years in existence you would have learned. But apparently not. Anyway, I thought there were two hosts. At least I have one. The family is big, after all.”

“That was a thousand years ago,” Malium said pointedly.

Fervian arched a glistening silver eyebrow. “Oh? Do elaborate.”

“The family has dwindled. The only direct descendant available to us is a young girl.”

“What about the other one, Carrie?”

Malium shook his head. “No, she’s a demon.”


“However, had she not been a demon, I could have bonded with her.”

“I see,” Fervian said, nodding. “Is there a way for one of us to remain in the Void until another host comes along?”

Malium gave Fervian an arch look. “How has that turned out in the past, I might ask?”

Fervian shrugged. “Just checking. I wish we could be able to bond with another family. That would help a lot.”

“Yes it would,” Malium agreed. “But we can’t.”

The two floated in silence again, contemplating. Three more demons vanished, going to their hosts that awaited in the Realms. Fervian broke the silence.

“Well, perhaps we could both go. Then maybe you could slowly introduce yourself. Slowly introduce the powers. She already had my power, so that’s why I think I should be the main one before we both are.”

The comment seemed to ruffle Malium a bit. “But I’m older.”

“By only a few thousand years.”

“Fine fine,” Malium grumbled. “I suppose. I don’t want to hurt her. She is our only host and we have to be careful. If she dies prematurely because of too much power, we both could fade.”

“Always the optimist,” Fervian commented dryly. “We’ll try not to combust her.”

Malium only glared.

As the conversation tapered once again into silence, both demons felt the call deep within their beings. They exchanged glances. “And so it begins,” Fervian said softly, then his image began to shimmer. He vanished into nothingness, Malium close behind, both heading for their only host.

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