Massively @ jokaydia Ranks

The following ranks are used on the Massively @ jokaydia Servers.


When you first arrive, you need to learn to be a good miner and that means learning to dig and thump trees. You’ll also need to explore and get to know the locals.



Venturers have proved established themselves as community members. They have honed their mining skills, gathered resources and built a house. They have also contributed in our guild forums!

Venturer Requirements:

To become a Venturer, you must:

  • Collect 10 Massively @ jokaydia Awards



Nomads are expert miners. They have braved Creative and Survival Worlds, and have proven themselves important members of the Massively @ jokydia Community!

Nomad Requirements

To become a Nomad, you must;

  • Collect 20 Massively @ jokaydia Awards



Navigators are expert miners. They have explored deep caverns and built epic structures. They are experienced in crafting, hunting, designing and working in teams.

Navigators are also good at helping others and spend time teaching others how to dig!

Navigators Requirements

To become a Navigator, you must;

  • Collect 25 Massively @ jokaydia Awards


Junior Moderators

Junior Moderators have reached epic levels of expertise in mining, crafting, hunting, gathering, helping and healing. They have built epic structures and demonstrated their elite skills in the mines.

Junior Moderators lead projects and expeditions and are the architects of our worlds on the jokaydia Minecraft Servers. They have proved they can create amazing things and can collaborate with others on an awesum scale!

Junior Moderator Requirements:

To become a Junior Moderator, you must:

  • Collect 50 Massively @ jokaydia Awards
  • Collect 50 Community Challenge Points by participating in Massively @ jokaydia Community Events or building useful resources for other Massively @ jokaydia players.
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