Massively@jokaydia Community Charter

The following is the jokaydia Community’s Minecraft Charter. It was developed by some of the kids who are playing on our server and provides an overview of our communities rules of engagement. If you have questions please contact

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Where do we build

  • We build on land that we have claimed for ourselves. This land must be a reasonable distance from other peoples builds! Use 1mins minecraft walking distance as a guide, or ask a Moderator for advice on where to build!
  • If you want to build nearer, or with anyone else – you need to ask first and get their permission.

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  • We are a community of explorers and builders who work together with kindness and honesty.
  • We will not take resources (things) such as materials, objects, tools, dyes, food, flowers, wood that other people have collected.
  • We will not loot other people’s chests, or take any objects from their builds.
  • We will not use mods or resource packs that give us an unfair advantage (eg. Xray mod etc).
  • We will tell the truth and understand we will be asked to leave if we cannot.

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Helping Others

  • We will help other people learn how to build. We will tell them (kindly!) if we are too busy to help.
  • We will share information if we have it.
  • Little kids (5-6 year olds) make mistakes more than bigger kids! We will show patience and kindness and help everyone to be successful!

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  • We will respect each other’s build and work.
  • We will not damage anything others have made.
  • We will be positive and caring towards each other.
  • We will not attack or hurt other players on purpose. If we accidentally hit another player we will apologize and return any item that we collect from them immediately
  • We will not swear or use mean words.
  • We will treat all users in our mines and on our guild site with kindness and respect.
  • We will not share the IPs of other servers in our guild chats, skype group, discord or forums. This is a safety precaution.
  • Remember – you should ALWAYS ask your parents for permission before you visit another Minecraft server.

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What happens if a player breaks our Charter

  • Players who break our charter agreement will receive a warning for their first mistake, and we will give them some help to remember how to follow our agreed rules.
  • Players who repeatedly break the rules will be given a time out and will not be able to login to the mines for an agreed period of time (usually 1 day, 1 week or 1 month). Only Massively Moderators can issue a timeout.
  • Anyone who is not respecting others will be asked to take a break from the game. It is not acceptable to be unkind to others – even if you are angry or upset.
  • Players who are abusive to other players or use racist, sexist or discriminatory language will receive a timeout. There is no excuse for swearing or being rude.
  • The Massively @ jokaydia Team will copy parents in on all email and notifications to players – including those relating to our charter and expectations for behavior.
  • Players who have received several warnings and timeouts maybe be asked to leave permanently.

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What do do if you are having a problem?

If you are having a problem with other players you should contact one of the Moderators inworld.

If there aren’t any moderators inworld you can choose one of the following options:

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