About the Massively@jokaydia Community

Massively @ jokaydia is a Guild based learning community for kids aged 4-16 who are interested in developing digital media skills, exploring their creativity and developing online social skills by playing games!

Our guild was founded in mid 2011 for kids and parents, using game-theory and our experience of developing communities of practice in virtual worlds. The project is personally funded by Jo Kay – Director, jokaydia.com, with a little help from kind donations.  We have over 1000 registered players from around the world.

What happens at Massively @ jokaydia?

Massively @ jokaydia is a whitelisted, multiplayer Minecraft server. We have several ‘maps’ inworld, along with this Guild portal which provides a community space and a project based learning oriented awards system.

Progression in the community is achieved by undertaking the tasks in the Awards section of the site. By completing awards challenges, players are given increasing power and responsibility in the game – both actively developing the game-world and working as community mentors.

There is no formal teaching or lessons allowed in the game in the way people might think about a games-based learning space. Kids and adults are free to explore ideas as long as they are following the social charter that sets out the Guild’s expectations on how to be a productive, positive player in our community.

Digital Citizenship and Online Safety

Our server is secure and only accessible to approved players via our whitelist. We run regular supervised open sessions for ‘guests’, however at all other times players are whitelisted into the game space to ensure security.

All players are expected to follow the rules set out in the Massively @ jokaydia Charter, and strategies for being an effective digital citizen are regularly discussed. Membership in our community allows kids to develop and practice safety skills and respect and tolerance for others in online spaces.

How to Join

There is no cost to join the Guild or use the game space, however donations are gratefully accepted! To get started, check out the How To Connect to Massively @ jokaydia.

Teachers Please Note:

Although we are exploring educational uses of Minecraft, Massively @ jokaydia IS NOT a for-schools project, and has a focus on informal learning for kids and their parents. For this reason we are unable to accommodate class groups in the guild at this time.

If you are interested in setting up a server for your students, or feel free to contact the Massively @ jokaydia team for information on the dedicated for-school options we currently support. Email: minecraft@jokaydia.com.

Additional Options

The jokaydia team can provide additional options for schools and educational organisations who are interested in exploring Minecraft as a space for learning and community building, including:

  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Private Servers for school or community groups (fees apply).

For further information email: minecraft@jokaydia.com.

Developed by Jo Kay, 2011 – 2017. Massively@jokaydia is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License

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