vwbpeWOOHOO! As many of our miners already know, Massively Minecraft will be presenting a tour of our mines at the Virtual Worlds Best Practice Conference this year! So exciting! 

During the tour, a group of visitors from the conference will login to Massively Minecraft so we can show them what we’ve been building over the last 6mths! Most of the visitors are teachers or virtual worlds experts, so it will be an honour to have them in our mines…. plus it’s an important oppportunity for us to share our ideas about why Minecraft is so EPIC! 

The tour will take place on Sunday morning (Sydney Australia time aka Jo Time) on 18 March 2012 at 7am! If you are in the US or the UK that’s Saturday 17th March in the afternoon/evening!

You can check out your local time by checking out ourEvent Announcer page @ TimeandDate.com – it lists different time zones around the world!

To participate you will need Skype to join in on the voice call, and you must be able to get up reaaaaallly early (if you are in Australia) so you can take part in the event.

During the week this week we will be talking to miners (and their mums and dads) about how they can be part of the tour and help to show off our mines to visitors on the day. There will be time to practice what we are going to do and plan the event together! We will need some people to talk about their work, and some people to help our visitors to get around and explore (giving tips on using minecraft, helping with teleports and answering questions). The good news is the Project Mist guys are also going to join in… so we have LOTS of epic things to show off on our two servers.

If you would like to be part of the event, talk to Jokaydia inworld this weekend or add your name in the comments below! I hope lots of our miners will join in the fun and help us show the conference participants why Massively Minecraft kids are AWESUM! 


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