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Well, this post is rather weird and of course just my history on this epic server. The story below will be written in italics (cuz we all know italicz are special)

The first day of FunMushroom7 joining. I quickly get greeted by Jo and some other miners. I was interested in the Odyhia (survival world). I unfortunately was being teased by some miners. (not naming). They changed the weather to storm and time to night and just by my luck started screaming… it was a charged creeper. The funny thing was the charged creeper didn’t kill me. In fact the charged creeper didn’t kill me. The charged creeper distracted me until a normal creeper finished me and my half stack of wood logs off . 


2 Days have passed since my bad luck of a first day. Today I attempted doing some awards while some other miners were making Japan Land.(portal at Jokaydia portal area) I had finished an award but no moderators had the time to come see it. The next day started the mathamatician award and luckily earned the award! Over the next few days earned some awards and in 10 days flat had 10 awards! The wait was rather tedious to become a venturer. I waited a month until I finally got the venturer rank and commands.


Moving on to the quest for navigator! I had started building an eco home and showed Jo for the award. I decided to expand it into a city. Being my first city I wasn’t doing this one for an award. Rather than a little home for me and some other friends I called it Vege-Ville I had done 80% of all my awards in the city and expanded it everyday. The final award I needed was the treehouse award and gladly finished it with pride in the city. Dean came over to see the award and told Jo that this was my 25th award for navigator! within the next week I was a navigator. Sadly… Vege-Ville is now lost and nowhere to be found in Endywood.


The start of my chapter of relaxation! For the next 2 months after I was promoted to navigator I started chilling out and stopped doing awards. I enjoyed time with some friends building brand new things  A major event which happened was the odyhia item glitch… people could get free diamonds in odyhia by such simplicity. The glitch I think still works but I am not mentioning how to do it as I detested the glitch in the first place. I was spending more time in odyhia at this time. Built my second home in an underground ravine. Which now abandoned as I have recently tooken settlement in Shroom_Shire. I had alot of Fun while I was taking my time off from awards. (Awards can be stressing at times, at other times can be fun). I had made some friends during all this time playing. Sadly, I was still being left out from things  .


After roughly 3 months after I became a navigator. I was inspired by mobee01 and Ajnin123 to become a Juniour Moderator when they earned 50 awards. Soon I was doing awards better than ever and in 1 month of doing 25 awards. Hit 50. Every night I was thinking ” What award should I do tomorrow”? So I knew i was prepared for all this  After roughly 3 weeks after getting 50 awards I attended the open day hosted by Dean. That day I finally earned my moderator powers and gladly met Jokaydia, Mp_Deangroom, Bronbon and faaar more epic people  The day was really Fun especially the end when Boofa gave Tatum a little shock  


The first few days of being a moderator was epic! It kept getting better and better. We have quite a few members as Juniour Mods. mobee01, Ajnin123, me  and Ninabanina. While all this moderator business was happening everyone on the server was enjoying Panem, our Hunger Mines world. A downside to Panem was me being a peacekeeper so I killed everyone who went out of the districts  Luckily the rebels had time to convince me to stop  


The time has come for me to learn world edit! Luckily Ajnin123 was willing to come help me learn and master world edit on the test server. World edit was pretty hard at first but after roughly 1 hour of trying world edit out. I had gotten the hang of it. Thanks to Ajnin123 I now have world edit and just have to wait for the commands  . While I waited I had taught mobee01 and ninabanina world edit. Now all of the juniour mods know how to use world edit. We all just have to wait  . One day the server was down almost the whole day. When the server cam back on Jokaydia told me to type in //wand. Guess what! I finally had the world edit commands!


Time to chill again and have fun on massively minecraft while my awards are finally finished.Something really bugging me on my break was people saying the following message. “Fun, can I have creative?” It was getting on my nerves so I decided to just ignore the people who asked. As the time passed there was heaps more people on the server than before which made it more fun for me and everyone else .


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