This week we’ve created a new world in our mines. It’s called ‘TNTTown’. It is designed to provide a space for everyone to experiment with TNT, without the danger of breaking other players precious builds in our main worlds.

TNTTown is the only world in our mines where TNT is allowed. Please use this privilege wisely! You are welcome to create explosions and experiment with TNT Creations, however please consider other players. Extremely large explosions will lag the server and interrupt other players with mega lag!


The rules of TNT Town are pretty simple:

  1. Dont Use TNT within the Town Walls.
  2. Dont blow up others TNT / Creations.
  3. Be Nice!

PROTIP: TNT is a dangerous place, full of weird tnt experiments and massive explosions. It is NOT a good idea to build anything precious in this world, as we cant guarantee that it wont get damaged.


How to Get to TNTTown

To get there, simply type in /mvtp tnttown.


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