We’ve had an epic year and a half at Massively Minecraft and I am SO proud of all of our miners achievements and creations. You guys are AMAZING and I have learnt so much from all of you! However, running Massively Minecraft 24/7 for the last year and a half has been an exhausting, unpaid, wonderful, amazing and awesum job and its time the MM team of Senior Admins had a holiday and some time out to retune and remake the tools that power our epic community!

The bad news is, this means that Massively Minecraft is going offline for a little while! Starting from Sunday 16th September 2012 until Sunday 30 September 2012, the server will be closed for regular traffic while we take a break and do some work to build a more sustainable and more awesum home for our community.

The good news is, WE’LL BE BACK! You can expect lots of mining fun commencing on the 30 September and all of our whitelisted members will be welcome to join in on the fun! There will also be some new and awesum stuff for miners and teachers to explore!

Fun Holiday Facts

  • If you’ve signed up in the last few days and you’re still waiting to get whitelisted – dont worry! You will still be able to get a weeks mining in between now and holiday time, and you will be able to join us when things return on the 30 September 2012!
  • Your Builds Are Safe! Although we will be making some changes to Massively Minecraft and the way our worlds / server / websites work, your builds are safe and we will archive everything! You can expect most of the content in all of the worlds to reappear!
  • You get to keep your Awards! All players will keep their ranks and awards – no changes there and you’ll be able to find Awards Central and our Awards Records @ the new sites.
  • Signups are now closed. During this period we will not be accepting new player applications. However, new players will be welcome to signup again starting on the 30 September 2012.

Activities During the Holiday Period

  • Although the server will be officially closed during the holiday period, there will be some opportunities for players to beta test our new tools and sites! Stay tuned to Jokaydia’s Twitter @ http://twitter.com/jokaydiaMiners or the Massively Minecraft Facebook group @ https://www.facebook.com/massivelyminecraft for news on that.
  • The guild site will remain online during the holiday period so you can keep in touch with your mining buddies – however we WILL NOT be processing awards.
  • Please remember to follow the guild charter at all times when using the Massively Minecraft sites!

Got Questions or Concerns?

If you have questions or concerns you can email jokay via massivelyminecraft@gmail.com or make a comment below!

Happy Holidays everyone…. Seeya in the mines soon!
from jokaydia

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