Hooray! With help from Mobee yesterday, we’ve made a new fully functional Mob Arena for your mob-fighting pleasure! ;)

To visit it you can use /warp quartzma.


How to Play

To join a Mob Arena battle type /ma join. This will teleport you to the Arena Lobby where you can choose your class and get ready for battle!


When you’ve chosen your class, wait for other miners to signal they are ready, then hit the Iron Block to commence the battle!

Leaderboard Statistics

After the battle you can check out your statistics on the Leaderboard to see how the battle went.


A few handy commands you might not know:

  • You can also visit the Mob Arena and watch the battle by typing /ma spectate.
  • If you would like to leave the battle at any time type /ma leave
  • To check which players arent ready yet, type /ma notready


Have Fun!

Have fun fighting the Mobs! Play hard, treat other players with kindness and respect and slay those bosses! Woohooooo!


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