Good news, everyone! The Spleef Arena is now setup in Odyhia and our spleefing plugin is working. This means you can have epic spleefing battles with your friends!

A few things to remember:

  • Play fair – no wall camping or other cheats to disrupt the spleef
  • Keep Calm and Spleef On! – Remember this is a fun game and everyone needs to play calmly, fairly and without their grumpypants on!
  • Show other players respect (as usual!)

To join a game of spleef, simply type in /spleef Join and wait for the battle to commence!

PS. If you would like to spleef old school style (and in creative mode), you can still visit the original Spleef in Massively. To get there type /warp spleef. Remember to take care of the arena there tho, and replace the snow when you are done playing!

Have fun spleefers! ;)

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