Thanks for your patience during our maintenance session! Lots of cleaning up has been completed and I’ve updated the server plugins. This should help with the lag we’ve been seeing lately and will improve performance!


A few notes on the updates:

  • The Massively @ jokaydia Army of Statues has been cleaned up and repaired. Your statue may have moved slightly during this process, as I’ve been lining them up to create more space for our new miners to add their statue. If you have trouble finding yours, let me know! There are now a number of new platforms ready for new statues, so if you’re a new user feel free to claim one and create your epic skin statue!
  • A NEW Potions plugin has been added to our server. If you’re a Nomad you’ll be able to use them! Check out the Commands List for more info.
  • The PetCreepers plugin has been updated so you can tame all animals in the mines. The blocks you’ll need to tame each animal are listed on the Commands List. Please note, this replaces standard taming, so from now on you must use these functions rather than the bones and fishes for taming wolfs and ocelots.


A few notes on Griefing:

Lately there has been a major rise in the level of griefing going on in our mines. This is probably partly to do with the large number of new players who have been joining our mines and are learning how to play in our community. HOWEVER – it is important for ALL players to remember that you MUST follow the rules of our community, which include:

  • We will not take resources (things) such as materials, objects, tools, dyes, food, flowers, wood that other people have collected.
  • We will not loot other people’s chests, or take any objects from their builds.
  • We will respect each other’s build and work.
  • We will not damage anything others have made.

We are running LogBlock on our server, which allows Mods to see every change that players make on our server, including griefing other people’s work. If you get caught griefing the following will apply:

  • Players who break our charter agreement will receive a warning for their first mistake, and we will give them some help to remember how to follow our agreed rules.
  • Players who repeatedly break the rules will be given a time out and will not be able to login to the mines for an agreed period of time (usually 1 day, 1 week or 1 month). Only Massively Moderators can issue a timeout.
  • The Massively @ jokaydia Team will copy parents in on all email and notifications to players – including those relating to our charter and expectations for behavior.
  • Players who have received several warnings and timeouts maybe be asked to leave permanently.

Please help us to make our Minecraft Server a happy place by following the rules and showing kindness to all miners! If you need to refresh your memory, you can read our Community Charter here.


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