As most of you know, 1.7 has been released by Mojang and there are LOTS of exciting changes in the new update, including:

  • New world generation!
    • Double the amount of biomes, with new trees/flowers/blocks.
    • New “Amplified” world option.
    • Less ocean, more awesome.
  • New blocks!
    • Two new types of wood.
    • Stained glass! With both blocks and panes.
    • Packed ice, red sand, podzol.
    • Lots of new flowers, including double-tall versions of current plants.
    • Portals can be bigger sizes!
  • Fishing!
    • Added more type of fish.
    • Redone the fishing mechanics. Can now catch junk and treasure too.
    • Fishing rod enchantments!
  • Maps!
    • Put them in an item frame and hang them on your wall. They’re extra big!
    • Lots of new colours for lots of blocks!
    • Now with less lag!

It’s going to be very exciting to update our main server to 1.7 so we can explore these new features. I can’t wait to add beautiful new gardens to all my builds! However, as most of you know, we have to wait for Bukkit to update before we can update the main Massively@jokaydia Server. It will likely be a week or two until there is a stable version, so please be patient! I will post on the guild site when I know more.

However, the good news is, while you’re waiting you can go and check out all the new features in 1.7 on our Test Server. The IP Address is: The usual rules apply – No Griefing, No Swearing (cursing) and be kind to each other at all times. Just like our main server, our test server is Whitelisted and only Massively members can join it.

Some Notes on Updating

  • To play 1.7 you’ll need to let your Minecraft client software from Mojang update. This should happen automatically. 
  • If you want to play on the main server in 1.6.4 you can still do so – simply setup a new profile and select 1.6.4 as the version you wish to use. When you want to play on the main server switch to that profile. See image below for an explanation!


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