As many people know, we’ve recently reset TNTTown with a new map ready for new explosions! We do this from time to time so there is new land for people to experiment on.

A few reminders:

  • TNT is the only world on the Massively@jokaydia Server which has TNT enabled and has been setup for those who would like to experiment with TNT.
  • DO NOT build anything precious in TNTTown – it is likely to get damaged by explosions, or wiped when we reset the map. You are much better off building your precious creations in Endywoodtoo or Massively worlds.
  • Please respect each others work. You are welcome to find an area to do explosions in, but DO NOT purposefully blow up things that other players are working on!

Special thanks to Dr_Bomber Snamtro and Powerskiper who helped to create the new spawn.

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