Hello and welcome to the first edition of the Massively News! I am the main writer, Cookieandcream12. This edition will be short, but I hope future editions will be longer and better!

Now, without further ado, let’s get to the stories!

Grief on Okali Path?

A grief (which is when someone purposely destroys someone else’s work) was discovered on one of the many paths spanning Okali. This reporter and Powerskiper, another player on the server, worked hard to fix it. Damage included several of the quartz blocks on the path mined out and what appeared to be a cave in of mostly sand. It was cleared up quickly and now the path looks great!

Jokaydia, owner of the server had this to say: “I am always sad to see griefing, but I am very proud and appreciative of the miners who helped to clean up this disaster area!” She also discussed future plans of using world guard to stop these things from happening again.

There seems to be evidence of it being an accident, as sand does adhere to gravity, but further research into the matter is still being done at this point.

Herobrine Sighting?

According to an anonymous source, Herobrine was spotted on the server. Here is the story according to the person themselves.

“I was having trouble sleeping and it was early in the morninmg so I decided to go on the massively server. There was no one on it and I thought that was a little weird. I went to Okali and I started wandering through the desert collecting sand to make some glass. I turn around to get some, and standing right there in front of me is Herobrine! I panicked and tried to run away, but he killed me :( I logged off after that so I don’t know what happened afterwards.”

According to Jo, there is no person on the server whitelisted under the name ‘Herobrine’. Could this be the product of sleep deprivation or was it the real deal? The person also reports having strange dreams when they finally fell asleep, one of which was Herobrine standing on a large pillar-like object.

Well, that’s all for the first issue of the Massively News! I hope you all liked it becuase these are going to get bigger and better with time! Make sure to contact cookieandcream12 on Skype if you have a story, and remember: Fact is stranger than Fiction!

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