Hello again everyone! After a hiatus due to school, I am ready to get right back into churning these out. For those of you who don’t know, I am Cookieandcream12, and I may soon be joining forces with another Miner to write these. I also hope that your Mother’s day was great whether you were a mother or not. Without further ado, let’s get to the stories.

More Herobrine Evidence?

While his reporter was out looking for cows, he stumbled upon a rather shocking surprise. Underneath an overhang, were a few flowers and a sign. This sign has yet again talked about Herobrine and the server.

Herobrine is coming

It says ‘Herobrine is coming’.

I am not sure if this could be linked to the Herobrine sighting in the first issue, but it might be.

Either way, be on the lookout for a Steve with white eyes.

I would like to go over the three very important Herobrine Laws so if you meet him you will be able to survive.

1. Herobrine cannot be reasoned with. Do not attempt to reason with him as he will just kill you.
2. Herobrine is faster than you, so running away in a straight line won’t work. Running while making a lot of turns is safer, but he will most likely catch up to you anyways.
3. Hiding is your best option, but do not hide above ground, as you will easily be found with his teleportation powers.

Stay safe Miners!

A Mystery Person Joins the Team?

It seems like a new face may be joining the Massively News team (Wow, so early too!). No details have been released as the person has not actually joined yet. But if all goes well, we should have a new addition to our team! We would also like to say that if you would like to apply, go ahead! We would love an extra pair of helping hands to scout and write stories for us.

If you would like to join, fill out this template below:

Minecraft Name (Full):
Why do you want to join?:
Do you have any previous writing skills?:
How old are you?:
Do you have good spelling and grammar?:
Do you work well with others?:
Write a short 50 word story:

We might not accept you, so please do not be upset if we don’t.

The New Spawn!

As you all probably know, the new Massively spawn was created a few days ago. Jokaydia, the server owner said it was to help prepare new Miners better, as the previous spawn was not well equipped to teach the newbies the basics. If you want a more detailed look at the new spawn, I suggest looking at the post by Jokaydia herself on the new spawn. With a beautiful builds everywhere, the new spawn is as pleasing on the eyes as it is educational. The basics include warps, signs and minigames. I also had the chance to add a little something to the spawn myself. (Look for the spooky sign!)

That’s it for another Issue of the Massively News! Hopefully you enjoyed it! I will try to write these on a schedule, but please be patient if I don’t get to one on time, as there might be a good reason for that. Before I go, make sure you remember this: A wolf a day keeps the skeletons away!



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