Hello and welcome back to the third edition of the Massively News. I am unfortunately going solo right now, but the new staff members on the news team should be able to help me out next issue. I don’t have much to write about this issue, but hopefully your face lit up at the Massively News “rising from the grave.”

Dragons, Humans and… Podzol?

Some exciting news for role-players this week, as Giggletoes (One of the server’s players) has plans for a new roleplay involving dragons and humans alike. Set in the land of WildShores, a fierce war has raged between dragons and humans, but will that all change with the addition of these borders? The actual post explains a lot more about the backstory so give it a read if you haven’t already! Unfortunately, the world for the roleplay is currently in the process of being built and fleshed out a little more, so the roleplay will not be starting just yet. Helpful miners can of course, help with the building. Just make sure to get Giggle’s permission first.

Who are the new additions to the team?

The new additions to the team you ask? They’re none other than Catpat, Otto74 and the previously mentioned Giggletoes (how lucky!). They will be helping me document events and write articles to publish to all of you! Keep in mind there are a few others who have been nominated but they have not been finalized yet. If you applied and got told you were accepted, don’t lose hope just yet as we may still want you on the team. I would also like to take a brief moment to say that submissions to be on the team have been closed, and we will not be accepting anymore from the moment this issue is published. I would also like to thank you guys for the huge amount of support you’ve given the Massively News so far, as getting three new staff members in just two issues is crazy!

Well, that’s honestly it for this edition. It’s a lot shorter than the others, but as we all know, quality over quantity. It doesn’t help that I caught Massively at a bit of an uneventful time, but I’m going to keep looking positively towards the future (and invest in a notebook or two to keep events written down in.) I can’t wait to start working on new issues with the new members on the team, whether it’s 100 or just 2. I will try to keep a somewhat consistent schedule, and this time I will notify you guys if school or something else gets in the way.

Bye for now!

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