Welcome back again! As you already know, school. So down into the rabbit hole we go again?

Leaf Me Alone?

Very recently a villa made by me had a prank pulled on it! All of the leaves went missing form the trees thanks to a group of four very sneaky people. There are no repercussions, as it was all in good fun, but it was honestly the first time I’ve been so shocked in a long time! The four would be wise to keep their eyes on their trees however :P.The trees had no leaves, they were just sticks!

Oh, the shock! Oh, the horror!

Fancy Miners: The Party That Will Stop Massively!

Very recently, I had been contacted by an anonymous miner wanting to throw a massive massively party! “Could this be so big that it makes the server crash?” I asked.

“Definitely!” They replied. “This is going to be the bestest[sic] party ever!”
While Jokaydia herself might not be to excited baout the server crashing, I simply cannot wait for this party to unfold. SOme other details include:
– The theme will be Fancy Dress
– Snacks must be brought to get into the party
– It will have its own fireworks show, games, and a special dancefloor!

A Very Special Thanks!

The final story for today is something I would like to reserve for me to thank someone. I would like to thank Govangirl101 for not giving up on me even though I hadn’t made a new edition in a while. I know that I suck at keeping promises like these, but I really want to keep going with the Massively News. To know that you cared so much about it that you didn’t want me to give up on it actually made me cry tears of happiness. I promise that in time, the massively news will become a very, very, very prominent part of the site.


Thank you for reading, and thank you for being patient and waiting. – Cookieandcream12.

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