I’ve been away on a cruise for quite a while, but school’s out for me! So nothing should get in the way of my updates. :)

Anyways, some spooky and amazing things have been going on lately on the server so let me dive right in and show them to you!

Video Games and Spooky Moons!

I’m sure anyone who’s played Majora’s Mask before will recognize this amazing creation made by GryffGirl. It’s spooky until you douse yourself in a night-vision potion, that’s for sure! Not only that, but it is hollow, so you can go inside of it! How cool is that? Majora's Moon says Hello!The moon in all it’s glory!

Zombie Horses and Motion

A local Jokaydia Scientist appears to have cracked the code on the strange way certain zombie horses seem to walk. Professor Giggletoes explains below in one of the best-selling books since “The Debt”.

“Certain Zombie Horses have appeared to be seen walking upside down. The reason they may walk like this is due to a structural defect in the genes for their legs, which makes their legs weaker than normal. As such, several of these zombies have worked out how to walk on their backs and necks! They’re still just as fast – if not faster, than their normal counterparts! We have however, received a tip off that a person named Jeb may have something to do with this problem, so we are looking into that. One of my coworkers found a strain that he is naming the “Jeb Strain” because of this rumor.” – Famous Minecraftian Scientists Page 424-425

The horse is upside down!An example of these animal’s strange behavior can be seen here. It is both fascinating and very spooky.

Speaking of the person in that photograph…

Photo Tag! The New and Evasive Game For Minecraftians and Humans!

I recently participated in one of the first games of a new sport called photo tag. It is where you try to take a photo of someone while they try and hide form your camera. It’s a rather odd game, but it is fun. There don’t seem to be many strategies yet, but it sure is fun! Here is a layout of the rules.
1. The players with the cameras (Snappers) must try and take a photo of the players without.
2. The players without cameras (Evaders) must try to avoid having their photo taken.

3. There is to be no physical contact, you are not allowed to restrain the evaders and you are not allowed to try and take the camera from the snappers.

4. The photo must show them clearly. A blurry photo does not count as a victory.

5. The photo must contain all of the person. If it is not a full body shot, it is not a winning shot.

6. The evaders win if a photo hasn’t been taken of them in five minutes.

That’s all for the sport, why not grab some friends and a camera and try it out? Just be careful, we are not liable for any cameras that are broken while playing. I’m pretty sure it’s just as fun in real life as it is in Minecraft! (I won the game by the way. :P)

The Winning Snap!The winning snap, taken by me. I was very lucky to get it, especially since the snap was the person who invented the sport: Penguin_VMan

Where Am I Game?

I wanted to give you guys something a little interactive to do, so I took a picture of a random spot on the server. Can anyone tell me where I took it? The first person to tell me where I am and be correct will be featured in the next issue!

Where Did I Take The Shot?Hint: Full Moon Party!

Well, that’s it for this issue. I wanted to try and focus on pictures this issue, and I think I did a good job. Do you prefer a visual or a more text-like style for the Massively News? Please let me know if you can, as I want to know which is more popular. I’m off to go play some photo tag, see you later!

– Cookie and the Massively News Team

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