Santaland is closing

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who has built an amazing creation in Santaland to celebrate Christmas 2016!

ALERT: You have 3 more days to get busy and earn this award before Santaland will close and disappear from the server until November 2017!

You did an amazing job and there are heaps of beautiful creations, so if you havent checked it out yet make sure you do /mvtp santaland and have a look!

The Santaland map will be closing on Thursday morning Canberra time (where Jo is), which is Wednesday afternoon/evening for our players in the Northern Hemisphere! You can check your local time here.

To claim your award, visit Santaland (do /mvtp santaland to get there) and create a Christmas themed build. When you’ve completed it, report your creation to Jokaydia! You can either show her ingame or take a picture and share it on the guild website to claim your award.

For those who have made a creation in Santaland – check your profile page to see if you’ve received your award. If not, let Jokaydia know so we can make sure everyone gets theirs before Santaland closes!


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