This week we started a new survival project on the Saenith Map. We’re building a new nation named Elune!

Help us to create the town centre and find a place nearby to make your homestead. To join in just travel to /warp Elune. Note: This project is strictly survival (because survival is fun!) and we’ll all need to work together to find resources, discover villages to trade with and make a great town / city / country!

Special thanks to Kit, Gryff, Luna, Elpooh, Goog, Mon, Sea, Puffer, Womp, Fiona and others who helped us to get started on the Elune Town Centre! Special mentions to Kit who came up with the name (inspiration from WoW!).

Help write the story of Elune

We’ll also be writing the story of Elune as the project expands. To help us start, we need all the citizens of Elune to create their Elune Character Profile. You can do so by adding yours in the comments below.

Your profile should include:

  1. Your Characters Name (you can use your usual minecraft name or make up another cool one to use as a nickname)
  2. Your Family Connections – If you want to you can create a family with other players.
  3. Your Profession(s) – what will you do to help the nation of Elune grow? You can have more than one if you plan to work hard!
  4. Elune Constitution – Add some notes about what you think should be in the Elune Constitution. What are the most important laws and agreements we should make to have a good community?

In a week or two we’ll start using the profiles and events happening inworld to write the Elune Story, so make sure you contribute yours!


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