Massively Minecraft Build Competition

Roll up for the February Massively Minecraft Build Comp which is starting this weekend!

The theme this month is Build Competition is SEASONS.

Creeperman_4life and jokaydia are excited to invite all Massively Miners to join in the February Build Competition!

Build something that represents one of the seasons (Summer, Autumn/Fall, Winter or Spring) in your town or country. You could make a particular animal or plant that represents a season to you, a snowy scene, an autumn garden with orange, red and yellow colours, a summery bbq scene, a day at the beach .. the possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to see what you create!

To claim your spot, visit the MMBC Building Arena at /warp mmbc and choose a plot. Use a sign to put your name on the owner’s board so we know its your spot.

Building starts on Sunday 19th February (Aus jo time) or Saturday 18th February (US creeperman time) and lasts for until Saturday 4 March 2017!

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